Premium cava: Cava Guilera

Cava needs time to become a Great Cava.

This is Cava Guilera‘s motto and I guess you all will agree with this statement. A lot has been written about cava and its quality🏅. One of the points which many tried to bring out, was how cava wasn’t ready to compete with products like champagne. People have been dismissive about it and even looked down on it sometimes🙄; thank God these days are long gone now. Cava has shown the entire world that there are amazing cavas which are able to compete with champagne (even though I must admit I consider myself a champagne lover🥂).

Premium Cava Guilera

Cava Guilera is clearly one of those caves. A couple of weeks ago we visited them at their winery and enjoyed a vertical wine tasting of some of their best vintages. We were lucky enough to go back in time to 1998 and I can tell you that THAT cava could be standing next to Dom Perignon in a wine shop (ok, in a wine shop they are usually separated by zones but you know what I mean😁).

Premium Cava Guilera
Cava Guilera comes to life in this cute white building 🍾
Premium cava
And it is obviously surrounded by vines.🍇Many vines. 🍇

We were lucky enough to try probably what we call the finest Catalan bubbles🍾. Although I was complaining about the lack of light in the tasting room, be sure I was the happiest kid🙋🏼. The tasting took place in the cellar, just next to the ageing bottles of cava.

Premium cava Guilera

This winery only makes Reserva and Gran Reserva cava. Among these cavas, there is a rosé, a Brut Nature Reserva, a Brut Reserva and a Demi Sweet Reserva. Below what we tried in different vintages:

Premium cava

Premium cava Aguilera

  • Musivari 2007;  (I really love how this word sounds, just repeat a couple of times in a row). It is a tribute to Penedès landscapes; as you can see the label recalls us of a mosaic – a mosaic of Penedès landscapes. Xarel·lo, Macabeu, Parellada🏝.


  • Agosarat 2005, “Agosarat” 🦁means “Brave” in Catalan. It’s only produced in the best vintages (classical assemblage: xarel·lo, macabeu, parellada). The design deserves all your attention: the label features braille (yes, the silver thing) so that anyone can read what kind of cava it is.

Premium Cava Guilera

So that’s it, wine lovers. This is your next must-try premium cava and must-go place when you come to Penedès🌟🥂!


If you have already tried it, please let me know what do you think about it!

Cava kisses,


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One thought on “Premium cava: Cava Guilera

  1. Thank you so much for this charming piece on Cava. I have had many Cavas but I must admit that I still gravitate toward Champagne and California sparkling wine. I look forward to next week when I will be in Barcelona and taste great Cava and other Spanish wines. I am thrilled that the region for Cava is pretty close to Barcelona. I would love to visit. Cheers! I hope to meet you.


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