Top 10 best wines for Christmas

and for the New Year’s Eve or anytime you feel like having a glass (or two)🥂.

We have picked 10 Penedès wines and cavas that we loved the most this year to get you inspired for the upcoming holidays season! Gift them, drink them, love them.

Ready, steady, go!

1. Blanca Cusiné by Parés Baltà.

Price: around 20€. Very elegant bubbles on a budget🍾.


2. Cuvée Esplendor by Vardon Kennett.

Price: around 35€. Do you want to surprise your friends and family with a new sparkling wine? You are on the right path then🥂.


3. Vinya Gigi by Jean Leon.

Price: around 20€. A perfect buttery Chardonnay if you want to pair your dishes with white wine🥗.

Vinya Gigi Jean Leon

4. Brima by Eudald Massana Noya.

Price: around 30€. Dessert is sorted: just grab a bottle of Brima🍭.

Top wines for Christmas

5. Ecological Brut Rosé by Vilarnau.

Price: around 15€. As we were saying in the last post, who said rosé is not for winter💗?

top wines for Christmas​

6. Agosarat by Caves Guilera.

Price: around 30€. This will be the gem of your Christmas dinner💎.

top wines for Christmas

7. Ice Rosé by Freixenet.

Price: around 15€. Because every party must include a cocktail, right🍹?

Freixenet Ice Rosé

8. Brut Nature Reserva Familiar by Àngela Marquès Rigol.

Price: around 10€. Perfect for aperitive🧀.

Marquès Rigol

9. Marina Rión by Albet i Noya.

Price: around 10€. It reminds me a bit of Riesling, but it’s a pre-phylloxera variety whose name remains unknown.🍇 It’s a very mysterious wine.


10. Gïk Live.

Price: around 10€. A good choice if you want a different Christmas dinner💙.

top wines for Christmas

I hope you enjoy your holidays and drink a lot of wine!🎅🏼

Wine kisses,


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