Blue wine: fiction or reality?

A few years ago “blue wine” would sound like a joke. Even now, when I mention to my friends that I have a bottle of a blue wine at home, they were like “Blue what?!”. (I guess many of you just said the same 😂).

Yes, blue wine. The first wine of this kind appeared on the Spanish market a couple of years ago, when a bunch of Basque entrepreneurs decided it was time for the wine game to change. Inspired by “Blue Ocean Strategy” and with the collaboration of the University of the Basque Country and Azti Tecnalia (the food research department of Basque Government),  they created Gïk, the first blue wine. 

Gïk, the first blue wine. Pay attention to the label details.

What makes it blue? It is made from red and white grapes with the addition of anthocyanin (an element found in the grape skin) and indigo pigments which turn it blue.

Gïk tasting note?

Well, it does taste different from wine. The consistency is of a white wine, in the nose you find passion fruit and caramel. It’s sweet on the palate (not too much though) which makes it a good drink for those who prefer sweet wines or for those who are starting to drink wine. It’s also perfect to play around with your cocktails.

Gïk blue wine 2
Pretty colour, isn’t it?💙

Blue wines on the market:

🙋🏼Right now there are plenty of blue wines on the market and here I have a small list:

  1. Gïk, the first blue wine.
  2. Blue moscato, Don Luciano Charmat by  García Carrión
  3. El Pescaíto by Vincente Gandía
  4. Santa Margarita Pasion Blue
  5. Alma Azul by Bodegas Perfer 
  6. Azul Meditarráneo
  7. Blumond
  8. Blanc de bleu
  9. Alma Azul
  10. Postureo Máximo
  11. Aviva Blue Sky by Torre Oria
  12. Blue Wine by Aluxor


Let me know which blue wines have you tried and what you think of them!


Vicky ✨🍷

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