I improve with wine: Louise Delage

Summer is a great time of the year: vacays, friends, adventures and a rosé never too far from reach. Well, it doesn’t have to be a rosé, although it has clearly become a trend now. Who doesn’t love to sit on the terrace with friends sipping on a wine/beer/cava/insertyourdrinkhere? Yes, we all do. And the French Instagrammer Louise Delage is especially keen on “summer water” a.k.a. wine as you can see on her Insta. She got it last August and in less than 2 months over 50 000 people were following her. She looks like this perfect French it girl: no makeup, trendy short hair, cool friends, typically French stylish outfits, Parisian terraces, etc. She could be friends with Jeanne Damas or Adenorah.

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-19 a las 14.54.42
Source: Louise Delage’s Instagram.

So what is so special about her? Well, all have friends who sometimes have a few more glasses than they need, and sometimes it happens more often than it should. And if it happens often, it is called alcohol addiction. This is what happened to pretty Louise: behind cool pics was something more dangerous and not that cool. It was alcohol addiction represented in countless bottles or glasses on her photos (check them, there is a drink on every single one).

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-19 a las 14.51.28
Can you spot a bottle? Source: Louise Delage’s Instagram.

Now calm down, fortunately, Louise is not real. Louise Delage is a character invented by the Parisian agency BETC (if they get to read this, guys you are AMAZING and I want to work with you one day📝😇) to raise awareness of alcoholism. It is really easy to oversee our beloved ones’ addictions. Does the fact, that everyone saw her photos with drinks on each one but never noticed anything, not scare you?  Needless to say, this campaign was the most awarded at Cannes 2017.

Oh, just FYI, Louise has over 100 000 followers now who apparently are waiting for her return. Yes, wine does improve with age, but we don’t always improve with wine. Drink responsibly.

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-19 a las 14.53.25
Source: Louise Delage’s Instagram.

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