Perfect bouquet: Mariamaria

There are a lot of guys out there who don’t like getting their girls flowers 💐 because they don’t find them practical enough – the flowers will die anyway. Well, I can assure you that any girl will be super HAPPY to receive a bouquet at any moment🙆🏼. However, if you are one of those guys who just can’t appreciate it, Mariamaria might be a solution. And if you have a crazy wine lover girlfriend, beware because she could explode from excitement. 😂


Mariamaria is this kind of bouquet everyone will easily like since it has everything: the aesthetics, the quality, the aromas and the taste. So let’s get started. It’s a 100% Macabeu (white) wine from 2015. Macabeu, also called Viura in Spanish, is one of the Spain’s authentic indigenous grape varieties used nowadays. On the nose, it’s fresh with floral aromas, and on the palate, you taste white and tropical fruits. This freshness, along with its floral sleeve, makes it the new Mediterranean “summer water”. 🍹💦

But my favourite part about Mariamaria is its creator. 29 yo, Penedès native, wine lover, hockey player. Sounds good, huh? I won’t reveal his real name because I know how tempted you all will be to add him on Instagram or Facebook, so I’ll just leave you this pic. 📷 He has almost always worked in wine business and lived in two different countries, the UK and France, so far.


Mariamaria’s creator claims, “after your encounter with Mariamaria, nothing will be the same” so brace yourself!..😏 Hurry up and grab your bottle here, it’s a limited edition (only 1000 bottles)!


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