Who is Vardon Kennett?

If you haven’t heard about Vardon Kennett before, it’s about time you have. Especially if you want to be surprised, either by the drink or by the winery.

So, Vardon Kennett is a new brand, launched by Torres Wineries (Bodegas Torres)  last October, which produces sparkling wine and, attention, it is NOT cava. The story behind the name is really captivating, as well as the place where the winery is located.

Where else can you hear such an exciting story about a pirate (well, he could perfectly be one, right?) who sold pearls 💎 and wines 🍷and settled down in one place because of love? Ha, that’s even cooler than Pirates of the Caribbean. 💣🔑🚤.

The 19-century manor (restored) where Kennett lived and where nowadays the sparkling wine is made
View on the manor from the vineyards, a perfect place to stroll around in spring

Vardon Kennett was an Englishman from Guernsey (UK, English Channel) who exported Spanish wines to the UK. 🇪🇸🍷->🇬🇧 While travelling, he fell in love with a girl from Catalonia. As the real man that he was, he decided to change his life in the name of love by moving to the Penedès region. 💞 There they started to plant their own vines and produce wine.

Unknown-3 copia 2
Vines surrounding the manor (now it looks all green and pretty; this photo was taken in early March)
Unknown-2 copia 2
A mix of old and new

At the moment, Vardon Kennett cellar produces only one sparkling wine – Cuvée Esplendor (Cuvée Magnificence,✨💫). It’s a Gran Reserva (35 months ageing) wine made with chardonnay and a bit of indigenous grape xarel·lo. Why is it not a cava then? Well, one of the main viticulturists’ concerns is the climate change as the temperatures keep rising, something which might have a negative effect on the quality of the grapes. That’s why many cellars, just like Vardon Kennet, will have to use grapes from the North in near future (areas which are not included in DO Cava).

Unknown-4 copia
Brand new fresh tunnels
VK bottle
Vardon Kennett itself. The beautiful bottle and shell-like label remind us of the old pirate’s sea adventures. 34 € 

You can get it on the Torres online shop.


2 thoughts on “Who is Vardon Kennett?

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