Cellers Carol Vallès: wine tasting accompanied by the best dog ever


I bet that if you are a young wine lover you have been to at least one wine tasting. Or maybe even to a wine pairing. Whatsoever have you attended and whoever was your guide, I bet you have never had such a cool guide as they have at Cellers Carol Vallès: a dog. A german shepherd to be precise.

He’s big and fluffy and faithful and smart and has nice eyes. With a little bit of wine, one starts to think he’s the only male a girl needs in her life (that’s why you better leave your boyfriends at home while at Cellers Carol because they might get really jealous – you just want to pet the dog forever).

Meet Trasto, he was following us everywhere, from the vineyards to the winemaking room (oops, they didn’t let him in)

Let’s get back to wine though since this is a blog for wine lovers, not dog lovers. 🐶😂

To experience the real charm of winemaking and love for wine you definitely need to go to a small cellar. It’s not only about the passion they tell you everything with, but it’s also a matter of price: many small wineries offer a great variety of wine experiences at a very fair cost, as well as a lot of excellent price-friendly products. 💸

The winery is located in a typical Spanish country house where the Carol Vallès family lives
El patio

As well as the last winery we visited, Marquès Rigol, Cellers Carol is quite young and only makes cava. In fact, they started producing this bubbly many years ago but the commercialisation didn’t start until 1996. Cellers Carol makes around 38.000 bottles a year and their best cavas, such as Guillem Carol or Millenium, are produced only when the harvest has been excellent. It’s a completely ecological winery.

If what I said until now hasn’t convinced you so far, here you have my 4 reasons to chose Cellers Carol Vallès:

  • GREAT variety of wine experiences

Brunch amidst vineyards (17 €), making your own cava (25 €), blind cava tasting (25 €) biking along vineyards, cheese-cava pairing, jamón-cava pairing are just some of the suggestions.

You can have typical Catalan lunch enjoying views of the fields while Trasto is running around the table trying to get a slice of ham🍗 
If you are risky enough, you can create your own cava (your own coupage or the mix of wines, and the label).
  • Nice surroundings and views:

The country house is totally surrounded by vineyards and members of the Carol Vallès clan enjoy these views every day.


Xarel·lo vineyards
  • Trasto:
The guy all girls fall in love with 😜
  • Good price-quality ratio:

Excellent products at way lower prices than big cellars offer them at. Some of the cavas we tried:

Guillem Carol 2008, Xarel·lo and Chardonnay. The Chardonnay wine has been in the barrel for 4 months. Brut Nature (no sugar). 14-16 . Its good structure and complexity make it a perfect cava for any kind of lunches (as for me, it’s a perfect cava for picnics).
 Guillem Carol 2012, French grape varieties Chardonnay – Pinot Noir. Fresh and elegant. 14 – 16 €.
Parellada i Faura, one of the winery’s first cavas and classics. The mix of three indigenous grapes – Parellada, Macabeu and Xarel·lo. Reserve (aged for 18 months) and as well a Brut Nature. 6,95 €. Light and crisp cava with buttery notes.
This is the tunnel where Guillem Carol ages
Our photographer 📷 (She’s actually working in wine marketing 💁🏻)

Useful information:

Tell us about your experience at Cellers Carol 😀


Vicky 🍷


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