Parés Baltà: a feminist winery

The first post is supposed to be catchy, right? So that you get hooked? Well, I guess it’s not my case because I have no good story about why I chose Parés Baltà to be the first brand to write about. It was a very random choice but I had a great time visiting them!

Some basic information about the winery:


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The old manor, Can Baltà, is located in Pacs del Penedès. You spot it as soon as you get into the village!
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Cava Blanca Cusiné: a tribute to the Cusiné family

I bet we all have friends that can’t be classified and that’s how I see Parés Baltà. With a quite classical beginning, they kept changing in order to adapt to new times and trends. I’d sum the winery up in these 4 words: FEMINIST, ORGANIC, HORNS, AMPHORA.

FEMINIST: If 30 years ago oenology was a professional domain mainly reserved for men, nowadays more and more companies can boast about female oenologists in their team. In Parés Baltà’s case, it’s basically #couplegoals: the heirs to the company are two brothers who currently run the business and their both wives are winery’s oenologists, Marta and Maria Elena. How smart is it? 😛

ORGANIC: As mentioned before, Parés Baltà converted to organic and biodynamic viticulture in 2004 and now they use a variety of curious methods to protect the vineyards. They have a flock of sheep to help fertilise the vineyards and bees for the pollination of the vines. While organic viticulture means that the vines are grown organically, that is, without chemical intervention, biodynamic viticulture is based on ecological and spiritual principles. For instance, in Parés Baltà they use the moon calendar by Maria Thun (a leading authority in biodynamics).

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HORNS: One of the techniques used in biodynamics is burying in the soil cow horns full of manure. Don’t ask me why, go to Parés Baltà and they will gladly tell you about it.

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Cow horns

AMPHORA: Do you know how people produced wine thousands of years ago? Yes, you guessed, in amphoras. It is considered that the oldest wine comes from Armenia and Georgia (not an American state, but a small country in the mountains between Russia and Turkey), although this fact is sometimes argued by historians. Two of Parés Baltà wines, Amphora Gris and Amphora Roja, are made in clay amphoras without adding anything during the process or using technology; they are called natural wines. That’s why you can’t store them for longer than 7 months (but let’s be honest, who can store a good bottle of wine for such a long time? 😉 )

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As said before, Parés Baltà offers a great variety of wines: Microcuvées, Origen, Cava (7 cavas) and R-Evolution.

Microcuvées: 12 wines which express their terroir and microclimates, the number of bottles is very limited (some of them are less than 500 bottles).

For example:

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Mas Irene 2014. French varieties Cabernet Franc and Merlot. For those who love a bold spiced red wine.

Origen: 4 wines which can easily adapt to any taste. 1 red, 2 whites and 1 rosé.

For example:

Honeymoon 2015. Very smooth, fruity, honey. I always recommend it to my friends who prefer sweet wines (but note that it is not sweet).

R-Evolution: 6 excellent wines mainly produced with classic grapes from the Penedès region, which are also widely used in Catalonia: Xarel·lo, Parellada and Macabeu (often called “viura” in Spanish). 2 reds, 3 whites, 1 rosé.

For example:

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Calcari 2015. Xarel·lo, considered the Penedès grape variety par excellence. It was my favourite wine! I personally love this variety, so different from the rest.
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Indigena 2013. Grenache (not originally Catalan, but widely used in Catalonia).

If you book a visit at Parés Baltà, besides from attending a wine tasting, you will be able to stroll around the vineyards and see some parts of the winery, such as tunnels with cava or the ageing room:


Vineyards surrounding the Can Baltà manor
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The ageing room with barrels
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One of the tunnels where cava is ageing

Some useful information:

  • Official website
  • You can purchase the wines on their website (they ship almost everywhere) or here.
  • Address of the winery in case you go to Barcelona and want to hear about the use of cow horns from experts: unknown-2

Let me know if you have already been there or tried their wine!

Vicky 🍷

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