About Vicky


¡Hola! Welcome to Vicky Wine Barcelona, a blog for young wine lovers from around the world who wish to discover more Spanish wine brands and wineries (sorry, actually just from the Penedès region, but I promise you’ll love it!). I won’t give you long and detailed lectures on oenology, as I have a loooooot to learn myself yet, but I will provide you with an objective and rather a fresh insight into the wine region I’m from: Penedès. Even though now it might sound unfamiliar to you, if you google “what to do in Barcelona region” when on holidays, Penedès will definitely pop up! It is also home to some renown brands such as Torres or Freixenet (wink at my German friends) and it has its own Protected Designation of Origin (Denominación de Origen in Spanish) – DO Penedès.

I will guide you through this small but pretty region (all my friends from abroad love it) and its wineries, helping you discover more Spanish wines that you can enjoy wherever you are and giving you ideas of where to go when you come (back) to Barcelona!img_7876

As to the question why I have started this blog, there is just one answer: passion. There are a lot of things I’m passionate about and one of my biggest loves is wine/cava/champagne. There is so much in a simple bottle of wine: the history of the winery, the art of growing the vines and then making the wine, the concept, unique bouquets which lead to unique experiences we share with our friends and beloved ones. I have been working in wine sector for a couple of years already and besides this blog, I’m also working on some wine projects. I have the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines&Spirits, which is not that much but I hope to keep learning. I will collaborate from time to time with some professionals who have been in the sector for a very long time. The posts will be available in English, German and Russian.

And to finish, my name is Vicky, as everyone may have guessed by now. I was born in Ukraine and bred near Barcelona, as a consequence, I speak (more or less, haha) several languages. I have completed a degree in Translation and Interpreting, and now I’m doing a masters in Corporate Communication.

I love: my family and friends, books, museums and art galleries, fashion, France and above all WINE WINE and more WINE (only Spanish, I swear! *crosses fingers behind the back*).

I’m already looking forward to hearing from you! Let me know what wine you like and what your favourite Spanish wine is!

Feel free to comment and share,

Vicky 🍷

A detailed mapa of Penedès wine region: http://www.dopenedes.cat/mapa.php

Penedès wine tourism official website:  http://www.enoturismepenedes.cat/cat

This is for you to see where the Penedès region lies


As I told you, some of my friends are in love with tiny and pretty Penedès!



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